Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Saba and Safta

Once or twice a week, we spend the day with my parents. They go by Saba and Safta(Grandfather and Grandmother in Hewbrew). Or at least they will, once she starts saying it. My dad tries hard, but so far she only calls the cat by any a specific name: tee-tee.

Our days with Saba and Safta are the best days of our week. It gives me a much needed break, Millie loves every second she spends with them, and they are over the moon for her. It's a win-win.

Reading with Safta

Playing with the fly swatter

Watering Safta's flowers

Millie LOVES the turtle sandbox, especially the dumping sand onto the deck part

Saba's turn to read

Ooooooh! I think I hear a tee tee!

Let the chase begin

Got him (with a little nudge from Saba)

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judy said...

how wonderful may you have many happy times